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Here’s my movie, HOULIGAN “A Ski Story”! I made this because I wanted to share with everyone how a simple passion like skiing changed my life completely and turned it into a childhood dream. My name is JF Houle and I’m a 29 years old professional skier from Drummondville, Qc Canada.

It took 2 full year and an insane amount of time to produce this movie with one of my best friend Paul Bergeron and many other friends that helped out along the way. I put all my heart into this. The fact that we didn’t have any experience in making “ski movies” was risky but this is probably what made this project even better. A lot of sponsors didn’t follow, so I just decided to invest my own money into this. All the extra money I had made with skiing over the past year went in their. My goal was to create something different than the traditional ski movie by finding a way to tell my story. It wasn’t easy and it put me though the biggest mental challenges of my life but at the end, it was really worth it for me.
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Photo Credit: Félix Rioux